The YMCA of Kewanee is committed to providing and maintain a safe and healthy environment for all members, volunteers and staff. Therefore, smoking is prohibited throughout our YMCA facilities and grounds.


Photos and videos may be taken only with the signed permission of Y management and all participants being photographed.


The YMCA of Kewanee screens the members and guests entering its facility. The YMCA conducts regular sex offender screenings on all members, participants, and guests. If a sex offender match occurs, the YMCA reserves the right to cancel membership, end program participation, and remove visitation access.


For your child’s safety the Y will strictly enforce the following:

  • NO ONE 7 YEARS OF AGE OR UNDER IS PERMITTED IN THE Y UNLESS ACTIVELY SUPERVISED BY A PARENT OR ADULT, except when attending and registered for a Y program or event.
  • Parents of preschool children, 3 and younger, must stay in the building while the child is participating.
  • Parents are also asked to observe the “5 and under” Rule, where children 6 years and older must use their respective locker rooms.
  • There are several age restrictive areas in our facility. The Functional, Cardio, and Weight/Strength training rooms all require you to be 14 years of age or older. Ages 11-14 will be allowed in the weight/strength training rooms,provided they have passed the youth fitness & conditioning class. They must follow the rules and demonstrate safe behavior. The Adult Locker rooms require you to be 18 years of age and hot tub 16 years of age.
  • When not in lessons: All swimmers under the age of 18 must take and successfully complete the swim test or wear a US Coast Guard Approved Life Jacket. Swimmers 7 years of age and younger MUST be ACTIVELY SUPERVISED AND WITHIN ARM’S REACH of a guardian 14 years of age or older.
  • Youth ages 8-18 years are only permitted unsupervised in the facility during non-school hours.
  • During school hours, youth are expected to be in school or accompanied by a parent under active supervision and with permission to not be at school.

  • Please help your child understand and follow the rules of the facility.


    The YMCA is not responsible for lost or stolen articles. Bring a lock for day use and lock up your valuable items or check them in at the front desk while participating in activities. If you have lost an article, check with the courtesy desk.


    Lockers are available for day use. Participants should bring their own lock for day use. Valuables can also be stored at the Y desk with staff. Rent a locker: as available, must be set up at the membership desk Men’s / Women’s short lockers: $6.50 per month. Women’s tall lockers: $8 per month.


    For your convenience our family and special needs locker room is available upon request. Children over the age of 5 years accompanied by a parent of the opposite sex MUST use the family and Special Needs area.


    The YMCA of Kewanee is founded on Christian Principles and prohibits inappropriate behavior and conduct. Staff will deal with members and guests in a fair, professional, and consistent manner. We will implement the following if there should be an incident of inappropriate activity/conduct as listed below. Members and guests of the Y should speak for oneself, listen to others, avoid put-downs, take charge of oneself, and show respect.

    A person’s behavior may not:
  • Be inappropriate to the situation.
  • Interfere with safety of others.
  • Interfere with other members/ guests enjoyment and use of the facility.
  • Show lack of respect for the rights of others.
  • Damage Y or personal property.

  • Infractions such as:
    • foul language, disrespect toward staff or other members/guests, excessive horseplay, entering age restricted areas will result in the member/guest being given a “time-out.”
    • Staff will speak to the member/guest about the behavior problem and expectations for improvement and future action (discontinuance of membership/ guest privileges) should behavior fail to improve.
    Infractions such as:
    • continuance of any of the behavior listed above; violence, fighting, theft, damage to property, possession/use/ sale of drugs, or any type of harassment, will result in:
      1. Filing of an incident report by staff member.
      2. Immediate change in or suspension of YMCA privileges.
    It is understood that a member’s/guest’s participation is at the discretion of the YMCA.